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Keithen Washington


About Keithen

Keithen Washington is a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States military who not only served for 40 years, but dedicated his service to improving the lives of those serving with him. With a keen eye for detail, Mr. Washington proved time and again there is always room for improvement and set about making changes that transformed the armed services and skyrocketed his career. 

To transform your rank from enlisted serviceman to Lieutenant Colonel is no small feat, but Keithen put in the time and proved himself worthy of his myriad of promotions. From the very beginning, Keithen sought to make a positive impact, no matter his rank. As an Action Officer he conducted research which influenced policy on key issues and founded the first consolidated career field which provided much-needed skills training. 

As Air Force Legislative Fellow he held the responsibility of instituting a bill that supported dependents of veterans suffering from PTSD. Keithen continued to take on more responsibilities including balancing the DoD budget requests, spearheading the Haiti disaster presentation, and provided crucial advice to a congressional representative in matters of homeland security and foreign affairs. 

A few years later, after successfully navigating a promotion to Legislative Liaison, Keithen was promoted to Commander of the 86th Force Support Squadron. Mr. Washington found new ways to save the armed forces millions of dollars while also increasing efficiency. While Keithen always prioritized education throughout his career, this was his first position where he could truly make more of a difference in this field. 

Keithen seized the opportunity to lead the Air Force’s largest airmen and family programs, a leadership school, and education programs for servicemen and their spouses. Mr. Washington is uniquely qualified to lead these programs as his work experience, on-the-job training, and his degrees prepared him for leadership in multiple industries. 

Keithen Washington earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management and two Master of Science degrees in Hotel Management and National Security Strategy. Keithen holds supplemental certifications in Government Affairs, Hospitality Education, and Emerging Leadership in addition to his degrees. 

In 2015, Mr. Washington accepted a position as Assistant Director of the Officer Commissioning Programs. His changes to the ROTC program yielded decreased discrimination, increased financial aid, and implemented new policies that improved promotion opportunities for all. 

After three years passed, Keithen was promoted to Chief of the Assignment Policy and Joint Officer Management Branch. Here he continued to implement new policies and strategies to transform the branch. His efforts made work easier for everyone on his team and throughout the organization and made lasting changes that increased diversity and inclusion within the military. 

Keithen Washington may not be a household name, but his work and efforts spanning nearly four decades have made a positive impact on the armed forces. As a result, he’s earned quite a few awards and recognitions including the Bronze Star, Stars and Stripes Award, Black Engineer of the Year Award, Secretary of Defense Excellence Award, Commander in Chief Excellence Award, and the Best Force Support Squadron in the Air Force recognition. 

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