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For many high school graduates, college seems to be the next step. However, pursuing higher education does not seem to be the path for everyone. Especially for those looking to pursue a career in musical theatre, it can be hard to decide between getting a degree or heading straight into the world of auditions and performances. 

Let’s get one thing straight – you certainly don’t need to have a musical theatre degree in order to be cast in musicals and make a living for yourself. However, there are several advantages to going to school for this passion of yours. Read on to find out why you should consider getting your degree in musical theatre.

You Will Form Good Connections

For someone starting out in the theatre industry, it can seem as if you have no connections. Networking is difficult for many people. Going to college, however, makes networking so simple you won’t even realize you’ve done it. Having access to professors and peers who each have their own set of connections opens up many possible opportunities for you. You will graduate college with connections possibly all over the world. These relationships may lead to audition opportunities or paid roles over the summer or post-graduation. 

In-Depth Training

Attending school for musical theatre will broaden your capabilities and give you access to lessons in many different categories. You will be required to take various classes on dancing, acting, singing, stage management and more. Having this formal training will better position you in the industry and give you a broader range of roles you can crush. 

Build Your Resume with College Productions

Even if you are not getting cast in community productions yet, college is a great way to build your resume. Your college will most likely put on a few productions a year. As a musical theatre major, you will most likely be required to perform in these. Even if it is not a requirement, it is a good idea to audition for these roles in order to grow your exposure and add to your acting background. 

Despite all the pros of obtaining your musical theatre degree, it is also important to note this does not guarantee you a job or loads of success afterward. You may not become a household name or even be able to make a sustainable living from doing theatre full-time. However, if you are passionate about the industry and are determined to polish up your skills, college is a great way to do so.