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Shows with longer runs are obviously more likely to be eligible for more awards; still, some of the series on this list may surprise you.

Modern Family: 22 wins, 77 nominations. This ABC sitcom has won Emmy awards for Outstanding Comedy Series for all five seasons so far. Ty Burrell has won Emmy awards for Outstanding Supporting Actor twice. There is every reason to believe that this trajectory will continue and the show will continue to climb these rankings.

ER: 23 wins, 124 nominations. This medical drama ran for 15 seasons on NBC with a rotating cast of characters, some of whom can credit their superstardom to this series. It has received the most Emmy nominations of any drama series, and it won the Emmy award for Outstanding Drama Series in 1996. Most of the other Emmy wins were in technical areas such as graphic design, sound mixing, and sound editing.

The West Wing: 26 wins, 95 nominations. NBC’s controversial political drama may have been a bit ahead of its time, but it was recognized many times for its brilliance. Aaron Sorkin won an Emmy award for Outstanding Writing in the first season, and the show won Emmys for Outstanding Drama Series four years in a row (2000-2003).

Hill Street Blues: 26 wins, 98 nominations. CNN considers this police drama series the “most influential TV show ever,” and it is tied for the most Emmy award wins for Outstanding Drama Series.

Cheers: 28 wins, 117 nominations. NBC’s hit sitcom won the Emmy award for Outstanding Comedy Series four times, and it was nominated every season that it was on the air. Individual cast members were also recognized, with Rhea Perlman winning Outstanding Supporting Actress twice and Ted Danson winning Outstanding Lead Actor twice.

The Mary Tyler Moore Show: 29 wins, 67 nominations. This groundbreaking series (in its time, a single career woman was indeed groundbreaking) won three Emmy awards for Outstanding Comedy Series and Mary Tyler Moore won four Emmy awards for Outstanding Lead Actress.

The Simpsons: 32 wins, 85 nominations. This show is the longest-running animated primetime series ever, and it has won 10 Emmy awards for Outstanding Animated Program. The voiceover actors have also won a total of 16 Emmy awards.

Game of Thrones: 35 wins, 106 nominations. This HBO drama series won an Emmy award for Outstanding Drama Series and numerous awards for its technical excellence.

Frasier: 37 wins, 108 nominations. A spin-off from Cheers (featured above), this NBC series won five Emmy awards for Outstanding Comedy Series. Stars Kelsey Grammer and David Hyde Pierce both won four Emmy awards in their respective categories.

Saturday Night Live: 44 wins, 199 nominations. Running for an astounding 41 seasons, this series has won the most Emmy awards ever. It has won Outstanding Variety Series, Outstanding Music Series, and Outstanding Comedy Series twice each.